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Divi Film Studio layout is a blazing fast and mobile responsive layout for the Divi theme and for those who are creative and passionate.

If you are a Divi lover and looking for a Divi film studio layout then your research is over and productivity starts from here.

Do you have questions or need item support? Feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]. I am happy to help!

Duogeeks Yearly Access Pass

✓ Subpages
✓ Wireframes
✓ Divi layouts
✓ Divi child themes
✓ Unlimited sites
✓ Personal & client websites
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$299.00 $89.00

License Details:

✓ You can

– Download & use layouts, child themes, and other products on unlimited web design projects as a freelancer, company, or privately.
– Modify, edit, or update free templates and sell them to any client as part of a web design project.

✓ You cannot

– Sell our products in a store OR give it away free.
– Sell OR give away to other web designers OR compete against us using our products.

About Me:

Lovish Gulati

Lovish Gulati Here, I am the founder of Duogeeks and Duogeeks Shop. I love to design creative layouts, child themes, and most importantly I love to play with new designs.


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